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3 Examples of Expletives to Be Expunged

3 Examples of Expletives to Be Expunged 3 Examples of Expletives to Be Expunged 3 Examples of Expletives to Be Expunged By Mark Nichol In each of the following sentences, an expletive (a form of â€Å"there is† or â€Å"it is†) inhibits an active, concise sentence construction, and other wording is passive and/or more verbose than necessary. Discussion after each example explains the problem, and a revision demonstrates the solution. 1. There have been several immediate actions that the agency has taken. To produce a more concise sentence, find the buried subject (â€Å"the agency†) and move it to the head of the sentence, then omit the expletive and the attendant verb or verb phrase (and the now-superfluous that): â€Å"The agency has taken several immediate actions.† 2. For each initiative, there  will be a number of processes that need to change,  as well as new processes that may need to be created. Here, because of the modifying introductory phrase, the expletive is not so obtrusive, and in this case, the syntax is not doubly passive- the subject immediately follows the expletive, rather than being twice removed, as in the previous example. Nevertheless, the sentence is improved by beginning the main clause with the subject rather than the expletive; also, replace one â€Å"need to† or the other with must to avoid repetition: â€Å"For each initiative, a number of processes must change and new processes need to be created.† 3. While each bankruptcy case is unique, there are standard requirements that must be met by all creditors. Again, beginning the main clause with a substantial subject rather than an expletive will render the sentence more concise: â€Å"While each bankruptcy case is unique, standard requirements must be met by all creditors.† Additionally, however, note that passive sentence construction disguises the true subject: â€Å"While each bankruptcy case is unique, all creditors must meet standard requirements.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Handy Expressions About HandsComma Before Butâ€Å"Least,† â€Å"Less,† â€Å"More,† and â€Å"Most†

Friday, March 6, 2020

Effect of Customer Participation on Customer Satisfaction

Effect of Customer Participation on Customer Satisfaction Summary In their article titled â€Å"The Interplay between Customer Participation and Difficulty of Design Examples in the Online Designing Process and Its Effect on Customer Satisfaction: Mediational Analyses†, Chang, Chen and Huang (2009) address the effect of involving customers in design process on customer satisfaction.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Effect of Customer Participation on Customer Satisfaction specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The authors note that there has been a trend towards customized products. They argue that today customers want to be involved in design of their products so that they can include specific features that they desire. Some key companies such as Dell and Adidas invite customer to participate in design of their product by prescribing specific features that they wish to be included (Chang, Chen and Huang 147). According to the author, involving customers in design process can not only increase their satisfaction but also motivate them to pay more for a product. In addition to satisfaction, the authors suggest that involving customers in designing a product increases their selfs in the Online Designing Process and Its Effect on Customer Satisfaction: Mediational Analyses. CyberPsychological Behavior 12.2 (2009): 147-154

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Why do you think different administrations differ so greatly on this Essay

Why do you think different administrations differ so greatly on this point - Essay Example The American expansion was a strategy to show the right and anyone who opposed the Americans was considered to be wrong. Roosevelt saw that there was no chance for the white man to eliminate the dark race, hence opted to have them under control and tried to change their culture like in China and India. He was confident that other people could not overpower the whites in their own country in the temperate zone. He felt that the Chinese will push the Western European out of indo-China. At the time, many advocates of racism didn’t see the people as primitive, but regarded them as inferior. For having yellow skin, one was considered inferior. The racial differences had become greater and there was no hope of modernizing China. He also believed that Africans would become civilized or become a danger to the white race. Nevertheless, the Americans believed that the Negroes, Filipinos and Chinese could develop like the white man. Roosevelt believed that an individual member of a particular race could attain qualities superior to those of other members of the backward society. He also firmly believed and stated that the spread of English-speaking people meant an achievement to the world’s peace and the spread of civilization. This belief controlled his views on foreign policy. He stated that peace can’t be achieved until the nations are civilized. This meant that co-operation of the civilized people shaped the earth. Roosevelt associated superior civilization with the English-speaking people. He advocated for many virtues and power to defend ones effectiveness, and he spread the ability to ensure that there is an orderly and democratic government. Many viewed England as a civilized nation and one that should have overthrown the Mahdists in Sudan. England rule in India and Egypt had benefited it, as well as India and Egypt as they acquired civilization (Beale 45). Roosevelt stated that the English speaking race should control South Africa and that the

Monday, February 3, 2020

Austism, Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Austism, - Research Paper Example But it is known that it affects the information processing in brain by the alteration of nerve cells. Autism has a strong and complex genetic basis, but is unclearly explained as either rare mutation or rare combination of common genetic variants. In Autism spectrum disorder (ASDs) there are three recognized disorder namely Autism disorder, Asperger syndrome, and Pervasive development disorder. Autism disorder (also called â€Å"classic† autism): It is referred by impaired social interaction & communication and by restricted & repetitive behavior. (CDC, 2011) Asperger syndrome: It is referred with delays in cognitive development and language. This is a miler version of autism and generally the problems of language and intellectual ability improves over time. (CDC, 2011) Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS; also called â€Å"atypical autism†) It is referred when both the above mentioned disorders (Asperger syndrome, Autism disorder) does not meet the full set criteria. For eg. Rett's Syndrome (RTT). This has limited effects as compared to a full fledged autism (CDC, 2011). Some of the people suffering from Autism are able to live a regular life, while some require a special back up.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Major battles of crusades

Major battles of crusades The three major battles of the crusades are the sieges of Antioch, Sidon, and Acre. This essay will explain the three major battles and its results. The battle of Antioch was during the first crusade and was fought over the city of Antioch. Second is the siege of Sidon during the Norwegian crusade. Finally is the siege of Acre where the crusaders try to gain control of Jerusalem. The first major battle is the battle of Antioch. This siege occurred in the first crusade. The major leaders of this crusade were Godfrey of Bouillon, Bohemund of Taranto, and Raymond IV of Toulhouse. The major leaders of the Seljuk Turks were Yaghi Siyan, Kerbogha, and Toghtekin. The Crusaders arrived just outside the city of Antioch at the Orontes River. Shortly after this the army under Duqaq of Damascus arrived. These armies attacked the crusaders and came to aid and relieve the city of Antioch. Also one of the major crusader leaders became sick and there was a earthquake. Not to mention there was also a great famine, and many of the crusaders were starving. Next in May 1908 a Seljuk Turk army approached under a Muslim named Kerbogha. While the Muslim approached the crusader army became desperate. So Bohemund a crusader leader came into contact with Fiouz a Seljuk Turk inside the city to convince him to open the gates. Fiouz told Bohemund to plan a siege at night and to scale the cities walls and he would open the gates. The crusaders did exactly what he said and he kept true to his word and opened the gates. As a massacre occurred the crusaders gained control over the city. Finally, is the second siege even though the crusaders had most of the control over the city the Muslim army under Kerbogha had just arrived. The Seljuk Turks formed there own siege over the city. The crusaders decided to come out of the city and face the advancing armies. Kerbogha thought his army outnumbered the crusaders but as they started to fire armies retreated therefore the Crusaders actually outnumbered the Turks. Seeing this the Muslims retreated and the Crusaders won. The outcome of the first crusade was the Norwegian Crusade in which the siege of Sidon took place. The leaders of the Norwegian Crusade were Sigurd the Norwegian king and Baldwin I of Jerusalem. Today Sidon is Lebanon. Also Skulason gives a valid description of the battle. The Norsemens king, the skalds relate, Has taen the heathen town of Saet:the slinging engine with dread noise Gables and roofs with stones destroys. The town wall totters too,-it falls; The Norsemen mount the blackened walls. He who stains red the ravens bill, has won,-the town lies at his will. The way the Crusaders attacked the city was the Norwegians attacked by sea and Baldwins army attacked by land. The city of Sidon fell to the Crusaders after only forty-seven days. Last of all, is the Third crusade. This Crusade includes the two year siege of Acre; the seaport of Jerusalem. The commanders on the crusaders side are Richard, Phillip, Guy, Robert, and Gerard. The commanders of the opposing army were Saladin. While the crusaders were running into problems; Saladin was unifying the Muslim world. At the battle of Hattin Saladin determinedly defeated the Crusaders. Now the Crusaders only controlled Tyre, Tripoli, and Antioch. After Europe found out the loss of Jerusalem there was an order for a new crusade. Then Guy led his army outside the city of Acre. Where he set up camp and waited for reinforcements. Saladin moved to the east to confront the Crusader army. As they fought the Crusaders lost only ten thousand men. Even though Saladins army partially won they could not afford to push the crusaders back more with another battle. In conclusion, those were the results of the three sieges. The three major points are the siege of Antioch, Sidon and Acre. The first Siege which was the siege of Antioch. The Crusaders successfully captured the city of Antioch. Second is the Norwegian Crusade in the attempt to capture the city of Sidon which was successfully done in just forty-seven days. Lastly, The third crusade during this time they tried to captured the city of Acre. Even though there attempts to capture the city fell the still succeeded a little.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

“Be who you are and be that well”

Every one is created unique. You are who you are for a reason and this sets a person apart from anyone else. Most life that turned out to be successful in this world is for those people who managed to stay in the righteous and truthful side. Once a person aimed to be successful, it can be done by being true to oneself first.When you are honest enough about your strengths and witnesses, success will surely follow. People wondered why some artist, scientist and other professionals become successful in their lives. Consequently, these people attributed their success to truth, confidence and hard work.These lead them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their growth and success in life. The will and determination to excel are also reasons for one to persuade in life. People are always in charge of their own career paths. But Instead of walking in just one limited path, choosing to be the best at all times allows one to walk through a path that opens to many possibilities. On ce a person is given a responsibility, he or she should make sure that being the best among the rest is the top most priority in his/her head.Keeping the faith on one’s self is the main foundation of doing everything on the right pace. This is the mindset that will motivate one to always move forward and upward towards the goal. No matter what career path one may choose, he/she will really succeed if being enthusiastic and the best is put into mind. Words are useless without thoughts, same with a person who has no ambition and yet alive in this world. The best way towards success is simply being the confident and honest you.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Publicis Groupe Essay

1.What lessons did Maurice Levy learned from the failed FCB alliance? According to Maurice Levy, the most important thing he learnt from the failure of the alliance with FCB is the necessity to build an alliance not only based on a good relationship between the managers but also on a strong legal structure. In fact, the relationship Maurice created with FCB’s managers was mostly informal. Maurice and FCB’s CEO met only five times and the alliance was more a collaborative arrangement than a real agreement. The author describes it as an alliance which â€Å"intended to be more than just a handshake† but without any agreement on the structure of the deal, the alliance seems mostly to rely on the managers’ relationship. On the contrary, in the next process of acquisitions, Levy not only met the managers several times, he had also special meetings with the CFOs where they try to reach an agreement about the structure of the deal and the structure of the company after the acquisition. F or example, for Saatchi & Saatchi acquisition, Maurice worked out the details of the acquisition with the CFO Bill Codhrat and they discuss all the legal points to undertake to face the future events which could affect both companies after the acquisition. They spent two weeks working on the structure of the deal, settling every details before calling lawyers. After the failed FCB alliance, the lawyers became indispensable in the process of acquisition. The second lesson he learnt from this failed alliance is how important are the interest that people have in the acquisition. An alliance consists in two companies becoming one and the managers of the two firms have to realize this fundamental point. After the acquisition, they need to have the interest of both companies in mind to create a successful firm. In order to put aside managers’ egos in next acquisitions, Maurice Levy first spent a lot of time creating a strong relationship with the firms’ CEOs, trying to understand who they were, what they wanted and how they could combine the interest of the two companies. For example, in Saatchi and Saatchi’s process of acquisition, both CEOs agreed on the fact that they had to keep the two operations very separate in order to protect their own client. That is to say, they tried not only to build a strong relationship based on trust but also to settle a framework in order to protect the key interest of the two companies after the acquisition.